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We registered the Centralized Proxy (centralizedp), in an effort to create a proxy that is truly fair, transparent and rewards Block Producers based on their actual output. The Centralized Proxy works on a points system based on the links that are listed on the Telos Central Web Directory (TCWD). Each category of the Telos Central Web Directory has points allocated to it on a scale of 0 - 5. The links in all the categories will accumulate to a total point score and the 30 BPs with the highest points will be voted for. Points will be updated on a monthly basis.

Voting Criteria.

While voting is based on the actual output and contribution made by block producers to the Telos network, we feel it is absolutely crucial that BPs comply with the minimum requirements as specified here.

    Candidates need to have:
  • A running MainNet and TestNet Node.
  • An accessible HTTP endpoint.
  • An accessible HTTPS endpoint.
  • An accessible P2P endpoint.

It's understandable that a node might be been down at the time of update, so this will be verified on a weekly basis. BPs not complying with the minimum requirements at the validation intervals, will not be considered for voting.

Points System.

The points allocated to each category can be seen in the right-hand corner of every category of the Telos Central Web Directory as shown in the example below.
The points per category were initially selected by Telos Central, but can be changed through a proposal, which must be passed by a majority vote by the Telos community on the Telos Central Telegram Group.

TLG Points.

The Telos Launch Group, or TLG for short, played a major roll in getting the Telos chain up and running. As a sign of appreciation, 30 points were allocated to each member of the TLG that deteriorated over a period of 3 months.

The chain was launched on the 18th of December 2018, so the initial points allocated to the TLG members expired on the 18th of March 2019, leveling the playing field for all block producer candidates.

See the original Steemit Post here.

Additional Voting Information.

If a BP is not in compliance but among the top 30 based on points, the next compliant BP on the list will be chosen. In the case of a draw, the lowest ranking BP will be chosen.

It should be noted that BP nodes shown as unhealthy at the time of the proxy update could be due to many reasons unknown to us. This is not a reflection of the BPs capabilities or an indication they are in fact out of compliance, but just that their nodes were not reachable at that specific timepoint.

Block Producer Pointing System.

Last Update: 20 March 2019.

BP Registration BP Name Compliant TLG Points TCWD Points Total Points
21zephyr1111 Telos-21Zephyr Yes Yes
atticlabtlbp Attic Lab Yes 0
beyondbtctls Beyond Bitcoin No 0
bigironbptex Bigiron No Yes
blindblocart BlindBlocArt Yes Yes
bpeosindexio EOS Index Yes 0
caleosblocks CalEOS Yes Yes
cryptosuviio Cryptosuvi Yes 0
csxcommunity CSX Community Yes Yes
eosbarcelona EOS Barcelona Yes Yes
eosdublinwow EOS Dublin Yes 0
eosgermanybp EOS Germany No 0
eosiodetroit EOS Detroit Yes Yes
eosmetaliobp EOS Metal Yes Yes
eosouwallet1 Len0x Yes 0
eosphereiobp EOSphere Yes 0
eossandiego1 EOS San Diego No 0
eostribeprod EOS Tribe Yes 0
eosvenezuela EOS Venezuela No 0
eosvibesbloc EOS Vibes Yes 0
goodblocktls GoodBlock Yes Yes
infinitybloc Infinitybloc Yes 0
jijiplannode Jijiplannode No 0
kainosblkpro Kainos Yes Yes
nebulablocks Nebula Blocks Yes 0
octagontelos Octagon Labs Yes 0
sanfranc1sco EOS San Francisco No 0
southafrica1 EOS ZA Yes 0
swedencornet Sweden Cornet Yes Yes
telasiachina Telos China No 0
telawakeiobp EOS Awake Yes 0
teleclipse24 Eclipse24 Yes 0
telgoingosbp GoingOS Yes 0
telos1russia Telos Russia Yes 0
telosafrica1 Telos Africa Yes 0
telosafrique EOS Nairobi No Yes
telosarabia1 Telos Arabia Yes 0
teloscantons Telos Cantons Yes 0
teloscentral Telos Central Yes 0
telosdacnode Telos DAC Yes Yes
telosgermany Telos Germany Yes 0
telosghanago Telos Ghana Yes 0
telosglobal1 Telos Global Yes Yes
telosgoooooo Telosgo Yes 0
telosgreenbp Telos Green Yes Yes
telosintasia Telos Intasia Yes 0
telosmadrid1 Telos Madrid Yes 0
telosmiamibp Telos Miami Yes Yes
telosnewyork Telos New York Yes Yes
telosnigeria Telos Nigeria Yes 0
telosuknodes Telos UK Yes Yes
telosunlimit Telos Unlimited Yes 0
telosvoyager Telos Voyager No Yes
theteloscope The Teloscope Yes 0
tlosimperabp EOS Impera Yes Yes
tlsvancouver Telos Vancouver Yes Yes
tlsvenezuela Telos Venezuela Yes Yes
tokenika4lts Tokenika. No 0
votedutcheos Dutch EOS Yes Yes